Ashes of Winter

Road Rage
Stirring up the Hornet's Nest

The dry season has gotten off to a fine start, with temperatures topping ninety by nine in the morning. The line for water rations is just forming when Crater and his motorcycle gang (name?) roll into Tabernacle. Crater and Parson know each other, and Crater’s brought his gang down from Tennessee. Parson agrees to allow them to shelter in Tabernacle in exchange for their help.

The proceedings are interrupted when Roark appears from the Tunnels with two women. One of them is a dirty teenager, a stranger with long, wild blonde hair and big, blue eyes. The other is Tonkin, one of Roark’s missing women, who’s wearing a trenchcoat that covers what appears to be dynamite belt. She’s shaking with fear. Roark says she’s been sent with a message, but she’s not able to speak. At least, not until the teen girl, Isle, calms her down. At that point, Tonkin says Barnabas demands the return of Shazza and Tabernacle’s submission to his rule, or there will be blood.

Another Day, Another Death
Session One

Just what everyone needs: A war with Big Rock.

Another day in Tabernacle. Parson, the boss, holds court from the stage of the old theater. He’s got a lot to worry about. Food for the 130 or so people living in the compound is running short. An early start to the dry season has crippled the crops.

Roark the spokesman for the Tunnel People, asks for help. The Tunnel People, numbering about a hundred, have been living in one of the subway stations along the North tunnel for years. And they’ve been paying tribute to Tabernacle since before Parson became the boss man.


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